Volkswagen’s Turbo Four – A Special Engine

Volkswagen’s Turbo Four – A Special Engine

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and also R get on their means soon so VW thought it would be a good time to review the changes to the epic EA888 engine.

Volkswagen's Turbo Four

We’re currently starting the 4th generation of the turbocharged 2.0-liter (really 1.984) dual-overhead-cam four-cylinder, and a lot has changed for this most current variation.

Originally Audi-designed as well as established, the EA888 was one of the initial engines to show that punchy power and fuel economic climate weren’t mutually special.

The mill currently makes 241 hp in the GTI while returning 34 mpg on the freeway, as well as 315 hp as well as 30 mpg on the highway in the Golf R with the dual-clutch transmission.
To make that power so effectively and also dependably, both EA888 variants have high fixed compression proportions (9.3 to 1 for the R and also 9.6 to 1 for the GTI), chain-driven camshafts (rather than belts), and also continuously variable valve timing.

They additionally include variable lift and also period on the exhaust side, “allowing VW engineers to calibrate for a broad sphere of driving circumstances.”
Volkswagen's Turbo Four
The new Evo4 gets a brand-new straight injection system that operates at 5,076 extra pounds per square inch, more than double the last generation.

That plus the turbocharger brings even more of the torque down low in the rev array, where it’s required.

The GTI strikes 273 lb-ft at simply 1,750 rpm while the R strikes its max spin of 295 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm.
Its exhaust manifold is inside the cylindrical tube head, which implies the turbocharger is generally installed to the engine rather than downstream.

That suggests quicker warmup times and better performance.

Exhaust gases are directed for quick spool-up times, making turbo lag a thing of the past.

Because it’s so near the heat of the engine, “a special turbocharger is utilized that can hold up against the heats,” stated VW, adding that it doesn’t require additional gas to be cooled.
Volkswagen's Turbo Four
The EA888 has a substantial following in between all the Volkswagen Group cars it’s been in.

A quick search exposes tuning components, forums as well as for instructions for all three of the previous generations.

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