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May 29, 2022
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Volkswagen releases new research study partnership with ORNL, College of Tennesse, Knoxville

Volkswagen releases new research study partnership with ORNL, College of Tennesse, Knoxville


Projects include a combination of innovative practical products, unique recycling, and also wireless billing concepts to sustain electrical mobility and lasting transportation.
Volkswagen Group of America’s (Herndon, Va., U.S.) Technology Hub Knoxville (Tenn., U.S.), the firm’s modern technology device for employed products scientific research, has broadened its research cooperation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL, Knoxville, Tenn., U.S.), reported being the largest U.S.


Division of Power (DOE) scientific research and also power laboratory, and the College of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT).

The increased collaboration intends to check out how to integrate breakthroughs in material science and also recycling principles– including fiber-reinforced composites– to sustain electric wheelchairs and sustainable transportation.

The first task entails screening ORNL’s brand-new high-power wireless EV billing principles with a Porsche Taycan.

“We intend to leverage the unique understanding and also innovative power the Tennessee Valley holds,” states Scott Keogh, president, and chief executive officer at Volkswagen Team of America Inc.

” Volkswagen is concentrated to push electric flexibility and also innovations for more sustainable transportation. Increasing our research cooperation with Oak Ridge National Research Laboratory as well as the College of Tennessee will certainly help drive these initiatives.

” The broadened working relationship is simply one more instance of Volkswagen’s growing design and modern technology footprint in the united state, Keogh includes.


The interdisciplinary groups have begun evaluating new wireless billing ideas for electric vehicles( EVs), intending to establish a higher power cordless charger with breakthrough styles that focus electromagnetic waves to remove interference, hence enhancing effectiveness.

In the first tests, a prototype system has shown a high degree of performance, with up to 98% of the energy utilized( coil-to-coil) getting to the car battery.

“We are thrilled to work with Volkswagen to show ORNL’s high-powered, ultra-efficient wireless charging innovation,” states Xin Sun, associate lab supervisor for Power Science as well as Innovation at ORNL.

” Our distinct polyphase electromagnetic coil design, as well as power electronic devices, supply high power transfer levels in a small system, with the potential to relieve EV variety anxiousness and also speed the decarbonization of the U.S. transport industry.

” The wireless charging project is sustained by the DOE Office of Power Performance & Renewable Energy’s Automobile Technologies Workplace.

Making use of Volkswagen’s experience in automobile combination, the teams also could build from a billing power level of 6.6 kilowatts as much as 120 kilowatts, with a goal of 300 kilowatts, enough to give an 80% recharge of the Porsche Taycan in about 10 minutes.

The study project intends to create new insights into the technological and also physical hurdles of high-power wireless billing for cars.

Various other research tasks at Volkswagen’s Innovation Center Knoxville focus on advanced functional materials, consisting of composite car body components as well as plant-based products for future interior decorations.

The team is additionally servicing brand-new recycling ideas for materials traditionally deemed non-recyclable, such as fiber-reinforced composites.

” Our work with Volkswagen fits with our vision to develop a more simple, prosperous, and lasting future via our research,” states Deb Crawford, UT Knoxville vice chancellor for research as well as innovation.” Volkswagen is a model advancement partner, and also understands the worth that co-location with a world-class study college produces.

Together, we are determining technical remedies that might lead to a much more lasting future for our planet.

“Volkswagen belongs to the Institute for Advanced Composites Production Technology( IACMI, Knoxville, Tenn., U.S.), a research study and also innovation consortium funded at UT by the DOE.


Volkswagen additionally works closely with UT Chattanooga, an MBA program that allows its workers to make the degree by taking courses at the Chattanooga setting up a plant or on school.

Volkswagen Team of America opened its Development Center Knoxville in early 2020, in partnership with UT. Since then, the system has established working relationships with universities and also vital researchers in the area.

The Innovation Hub Knoxville signs up with the global Volkswagen Group’s larger innovation community, including innovation facilities in Belmont, California; Wolfsburg, Germany; as well as Beijing, China, together with hubs in Barcelona, Spain; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Tokyo, Japan.

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” The worldwide Volkswagen Team aims to develop a much more lasting vision of future flexibility worldwide, as well as we connect the very best scientists on the planet to make that a fact, “wraps up Nikolai Ardey, executive supervisor group study at Volkswagen Team.

” Co-innovating with companions like Oakridge National Research Laboratory and the College of Tennessee aids to increase the power of Volkswagen’s global advancement group.”

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