Mercedes Establishing Brain-Controlled User Interface for Cars

Mercedes Establishing Brain-Controlled User Interface for Cars


Throughout the IAA Movement show in Munich in September, Mercedes-Benz presented its battery-powered Vision AVTR principle car, which features a brain-controlled user interface (BCI).

After a short calibration process, a BCI tool attached to the vehicle driver’s head measures as well as evaluates his brain waves and sets off a specified feature.

” Mercedes-Benz is setting an additional landmark in the merging of guy as well as device with the r & d of brain-computer user interface applications in autos,” claims Britta Seeger, a participant of the board of management at Daimler AG. “BCI innovation has the prospective to additionally boost driving comfort in the future.

[It] jobs completely independently of speech as well as touch.

This opens cutting edge possibilities for instinctive communication with the automobile.”

At the IAA show, Mercedes demonstrated a seat mockup of the Vision AVTR. For this purpose, dots of light are forecasted onto a completely electronic dashboard, and also a digital globe is shown on a screen in front of the windshield.

A BCI device with wearable electrodes affixed to the rear of the driver’s head documents brain task as well as establishes a direct link to the lorry after a one-minute calibration.

The brain responds to the aesthetic stimuli on the control panel.

The BCI gadget measures neuronal tasks at the cortex in real-time.

It analyzes the determined brain waves and identifies which light factors the driver focuses his complete focus on.

The stronger the emphasis, the higher the neuronal task.

The device after that causes the targeted function in the vehicle.

For the objectives of the demonstration, chauffeurs can use the power of their ideas to execute numerous features in the online world presented with the windscreen.

As an example, they can generate wind, grow plants, choose a garage, or turn day right into the evening.

In the real world, however, chauffeurs might inform an autonomous automobile– with brain waves– to reduce, quicken, change the indoor temperature level, or take them home.

” With the growth of our ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice aide as well as the zero-layer principle of the MBUX Hyperscreen, we’ve already streamlined vehicle operation drastically,” states Markus Schäfer, head of a study for the Daimler Group and primary running officer of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“BCI modern technology can make it possible to soothe the individual much more … to focus on the driving experience.”
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Besides BCI modern technology, the Vision AVTR principle vehicle is noteworthy for other factors.

Its stretched “one-bow” style combines exterior and also interior right into a psychological whole. Sustainable materials are featured throughout the automobile, including Karuun, a fast-growing rattan, and Dinamica, a leather-like upholstery made from recycled materials.

Also, the battery is made from organic, compostable products.

Thirty-three aps on the back of the automobile can communicate with the outside world, with and via the motorist, making use of normally owing activities.

Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the AVTR has a multifunctional control element in the center console.

By putting a hand on the control, the interior revives, and also the lorry recognizes the guest by his heart rate. When the motorist elevates his hand, a menu is forecasted onto the palm, providing options in between performances.

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