Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard Puts Its Security Capabilities To The Examination

Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard Puts Its Security Capabilities To The Examination

Mercedes-Benz S680
Mercedes-Benz S680

Mercedes-Benz is presently undertaking a change phase as it divides from Daimler as its own business, however that has not inhibited the high quality of its cars.

One of its most costly and many heavily engineered vehicles is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, yet also that vehicle is not all that the German car manufacturer is capable of.

As we recently reported, Mercedes has produced the S680 Guard, an armored limousine that is so qualified that it can stand up to surges and various other heavy artillery assaults.

Certain, it has a cost comparable to that of a Lamborghini, however, it makes some bold claims about resident defense, and currently, those insurance claims have been verified in a series of strenuous tests.
Mercedes says that this is more than simply an armored vehicle, with the integrated security system (iSS) serving as a self-supporting protective cell.

This is a change from previous models where the safety products were integrated into the typical body covering. In this instance, the normal S-Class lightweight aluminum body acts as a design cover, or skin, for the armored shell.

This also assists disguise the multi-layer glass ‘sandwich’ that boasts internal glass surfaces coated with polycarbonate for splinter defense. Along with various other armored parts, the S680 Guard is remarkably safe, as confirmed by its qualification from the VPAM, an organization of examination centers for attack-resistant materials as well as structures.

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The auto’s assessment showed the claims of Mercedes, with the Guard coming to be the very initial car to complete the existing tests.

It likewise accomplished the leading scores in all 3 examinations (roofing system, flooring, and also side), with the examination being that “no injuries” to hyper-realistic dummies were tape-recorded.

These dummies have been medically developed to resemble the framework as well as structure of the human body, and although analyses were based upon the worst-affected dummy or seat, the Guard passed with flying shades.

It’s an amazing device that resembles any other S-Class, however with a cost of around $540,000, few people will certainly ever reach feel what driving a deluxe tank is truly like.

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