Mercedes-Benz Begins Series Manufacturing Of eActros Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Begins Series Manufacturing Of eActros Vehicle


Next year, it will certainly be signed up with by a community variation (eEconic). eActros LongHaul for long-distance transport is set up for 2024.
Mercedes-Benz has formally begun (on October 7, 2021) collection production of its very first battery-electric truck, the Mercedes-Benz eActros, imagined for heavy-duty distribution.

The production takes place at the Wörth plant in Germany, alongside traditional variations.

The first part of the manufacturing is comparable on the very same assembly line, however, the last steps – related to high-voltage components – are performed in the brand new Future Vehicle Facility.
“Before the eActros pertains to the Future Truck Facility for its electrification, it will be flexibly made on the existing assembly line along with associate traditional drive systems.

Primarily, the assembly of various car kinds will certainly take place in an incorporated manner regarding possible, and also the fundamental structure of the car will certainly be built on one production line – regardless of whether a conventional combustion engine or an electrical powertrain is set up.
The eActros then goes to the Future Vehicle Facility, where the electrification of the lorry occurs. Intensive prep work for the new production procedures has been made therein current months.

This consists of, to name a few things, the building of a brand-new production line. Step by step, the eActros will be further assembled below.

Along with the high-voltage batteries, various other high-voltage parts are put together in numerous production actions, including the charging device.

It develops the interface whereby the car is linked to the charging terminal. As soon as all the parts have been constructed, the entire system is put into operation at the Future Vehicle Center.

The truck is then prepared to drive. The car is reintegrated right into the regular production process for ending up and final assessment.”
The Mercedes-Benz eActros was first received a concept version in 2016, and also two years later on, in 2018, the business began tests of models, which continues up until today.

The last manufacturing variation was unveiled on June 30, and also has been offered for an order given that October 1.

At first, the truck will certainly be readily available in selected European markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway as well as Sweden. Other markets will certainly comply with.

In the 2nd fifty percent of 2022, the company will certainly present additionally release a community variation of the vehicle – the Mercedes-Benz eEconic. A long-range semi (500 km/311 miles), the eActros LongHaul, will certainly comply within 2024. Batteries for Mercedes-Benz vehicles (and also various other Daimler’s vehicle brand names) to be supplied by CATL.

The launch of the Mercedes-Benz eActros is also important for several various other plants in Germany, which offers crucial elements.
The eActros can be equipped with three or four specific battery packs (105 kWh each), for a total of 315 or 420 kWh. The 420 kWh battery should use a range of approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles).
The electrical axle integrates 2 electric motors, which are combined with a two-speed transmission.

The peak result is 400 kW.

Mercedes-Benz eActros specs:

2 battery/range choices (3x or 4x 105 kWh packs, total amount):.
315 kWh.
420 kWh for as much as 400 kilometers (250 miles) of the array.
" The range was determined internally in maximum problems, consisting of 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially crammed circulation traffic without a trailer at 20 ° C outdoors temperature".
overall car weight of as much as 40 t.
offered at launch as a two-axle or a three-axle automobile.
system output of as much as 400 kW (height).
e-axle with integrated 2 electrical motors, which are combined with a two-speed transmission.
fast charging at as much as 160 kW continual (over 200 kW optimal).
315 kWh: 20-80% in a little bit over 1 h in maximum conditions.
420 kWh: info N/A.
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