Lexus Is Interacting With Nature Through  A  Recreational Vehicle Powered By Hydrogen

Lexus Is Interacting With Nature Through A  Recreational Vehicle Powered By Hydrogen


Lexus has previewed an intriguing recreational vehicle that is powered by hydrogen.

It is dubbed the Lexus Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Concept and was unveiled towards the end of a live stream focusing on the launch of the new Lexus LX

While the vehicle is powered by hydrogen, it does not use a typical hydrogen fuel cell and electric motor. Instead, it is powered by an internal combustion engine that is driven by compressed hydrogen.

Lexus Lexus

Toyota first experimented with this technology a few months ago, equipping a custom Corolla race car with the 1.6-liter turbo-three of the GR Yaris, albeit modified to use hydrogen.
The exterior design of the Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Concept is extremely striking and has an edgy front-end with LED headlights, exposed suspension components, and a large windshield.

The exterior of the concept is clad in a deep shade of matte bronze and it has also been equipped with an LED light bar on the roof.

Black and silver wheels are also featured and wrapped in off-road tires.
Found at the rear are sharp LED taillights and the engine, which only produces water, rather than harmful toxins like a traditional internal combustion engine.
Lexus fails to mention if it will bring this hydrogen recreational vehicle into the market or if it has been launched simply as a technical showcase.

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