1956-1959 BMW 507

1956-1959 BMW 507

BMW 507
BMW 507

Body Styles :  2dr Roadster ;

Engine Types:  8-cyl. 3168cc/150hp 2x2bbl ;

Additional Info: 

Curb Weight: 2935 lbs.

Vehicle Length: 172.4 in.

Wheel Base: 97.6 in.

BMW 507

This vintage car was a grand touring car, which could be acquired in 2 versions: as a 4-seat coupe or a 2-seat convertible.

Supporting the layout of this automobile was Albrecht Goertz.
The BMW 507 was the brainchild of American Max Hoffman, then the East Coast importer of European sports and deluxe vehicles.

Hoffman thought the roadster could slot in well between the relatively low-cost Victories as well as MGs appearing of England, and also the unique Mercedes 300SL.
Power came from a 3.2-liter, lightweight aluminum alloy V8.

BMW 507

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The overhanging shutoff, pushrod device took a breath via a pair of Solex carbs, produced 155 horsepower, and also was mated to a ZF four-speed manual transmission.

Top speed was rated at just over 120 miles per hour.


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